June 22, 2013

DonateNaturally Makes a Difference To Our lives and Many Others

DonateNaturally.com started by a husband and wife, sells natural organic products while donating 15% of every sale to a cause of our choice. We can easily donate to any organization at a school, charity, community or hospital. The items are priced competitively and we are not charged the 15% that goes toward the donation.
We can purchase healthy, organic non-perishable food, personal household products, as well as perishable goods such as bread, milk, eggs and vegetables online. The company makes sure the products that they sell don't contain harmful chemicals or toxins. 
The dozen eggs, bread and milk that comes in their small weekly staples package were freshly delivered to our home. The whole wheat multigrain loaf from Brick Street Bakery is made with organic ingredients without any additives. The flavourful, vibrant omega 3 Green Valley eggs are from free-run hens that live in healthy environments. The delicious Harmony organic milk uses minimum temperatures during pasteurization and cold separation of cream to preserve the flavour and nutritional value.  
My family and I enjoyed these three essential food items by making sunny side eggs, and serving it with slices of whole grain bread and milk.
To make the sunny side eggs...
1 tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper

Heat a tbsp of olive oil and break the egg into the frying pan and sprinkle salt and pepper. Don't flip the egg, when the bottom is done serve it.

I like that DonateNaturally allows us to easily shop for healthy natural organic products for our family, while helping those in need. It saves time and makes a difference to many lives. This service is also convenient if we have babies and don't want to make a trip to the grocery store.

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  1. That is so nice to hear and read :) Hats off to the couple to have come with such an idea and making it work!

  2. wow good one donatenaturally so wonderful of them


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