May 4, 2013

O’Keeffe will help heal the cracks and dry skin on our hands and feet

Usually during this time of the year when we are out in the garden I sometimes like using my bare-hands to dig into the soil and plant, which has side effects of ruining my skin. Many people I know have issues with either their hand or feet drying or splitting when the weather is extremely cold or too hot, and look for a solution that works instantly. 
We came across this skin care cream that helps to heal extremely split cracks and dry skin in our hands and feet.
O’Keeffe’s is a non-oil based formula that protects the skin from further water loss as it hydrates our skin cells. The key ingredients in this formula are water, glycerin and paraffin, which allows the skin to dehydrate, accelerate the hydration process and ensure the moisture in the skin doesn’t evaporate.
I like that this cream is not greasy and doesn't have a smell. A little bit of this cream goes a long way and has proven to have helped gardeners, ranchers, horseback riders athletes, do-it-yourselfers, health care professionals and many others for over 25 years. This product is available at Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Home Depot, Lowes and other local hardware stores and pharmacies.

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