May 13, 2013

Kidobi has pre-screened online educational and entertaining videos for our children

In this generation of information technology, many children spend more time in front of screens than on any other activity, while they are awake. We know children learn from what they watch, and while some content is safe and educational, other content that isn’t age-appropriate can be harmful for them.  It is important for us as parents to be aware of the type of content our children watch and provide them with a fun environment where they can use technology to learn and grow.
Kidobi is an online video content provider for children ages 2 to 6. As parent, we don't always have time to watch all the shows with our children so Kidobi helps us automatically generate a customized video playlists to fit our children’s learning needs. Since all the videos are pre-screened by educators and child development experts, parents are reassured of the age-appropriate, educational value. The Kidobi app can be found online or bought from iTunes or Google play store. 
My son enjoys watching the shows on Kidobi and finds them interesting, and learns fun knowledgeable information from it. Kidobi programs concentrate on areas of learning such as language development, mathematics, science, social development, emotional development, and imaginations and creativity. Limiting the time my son spends using Kidobi is one of the troubles I am having, as it is quite entertaining for him.
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