May 12, 2013

Edible tea party invitation from my children using their easy-bake oven

My daughter and son like pretend playing, and occasionally invite my husband and I to their pretend tea parties since they were little. When we join them, they get very excited.
For the first time during one of their tea parties, my husband and I were treated with milk and edible cookies my children made using their easy-bake oven. We enjoyed this party very much and loved how both our children were excited to make something special for us in their own little oven.
My children usually enjoy helping me out in the kitchen every chance they get, so they excited when I showed them how the easy-bake oven works. First, I made sure they understood the importance of not using it without adult supervision as my daughter just turned eight and my son is four. They did all the work of preparing the cookies and I was in charge of putting it in the oven and removing it. 
This activity encouraged my children to count, multiply to figure out how many cookies go in each row, to time it, and to read and follow instructions. They also got to practice their gross and fine motor skills, when they were mixing the dough, making the shapes and gently flattening it. 
The importance of asking an adult to help is also encouraged in this activity. The cookies were not fully baked although the oven was preheated for 20 minutes, so I had to put it back in the oven; the cookies took double the recommended time. 
The oven included a package of chocolate chip cookie dough and a cupcake mix. I wish the packages mentioned the ingredients on it or somewhere in the toy, as many children have allergies and other dietary restrictions. 
My daughter thought the cookies were cute and tiny. It was cute when my son and daughter had got everything setup to serve us. My son thought the cookies were too tiny and got upset that the cookies weren't big enough like the picture on the package. Once the cookies were done he couldn't stop crying as he thought it was tasty and wanted more. 
When my children were playing with the easy-bake oven, it reminded me of my own childhood playing with my cousins even though we didn't have this type of fancy gear. I think this cute toy is a wonderful experience for children and adults. My children really enjoy their easy-bake oven and I am quite often reminded when they can bake again using the oven :)
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  1. Amazing :) How much was it?Loved when ur kids gives u tea time play :)

  2. What a feeling of pride they must of felt? I remember my easy bake oven. Thanks for bringing back some memories!

  3. My youngest daughter is asking for an Easy Bake oven - I think I'll get one for her birthday this summer. I always wanted one as a kid and they sure have come a long way!

  4. Oh my gosh this is adorable! We have an Easy Bake Oven but it's my husband's believe it or not lol. He got it at a silent auction and fell in love with it.

  5. My girls would love this now. I bought my eldest an Easy Bake Oven when she was 3 and didn't like it, she'd love it now.

  6. so cute. Easy Bake Oven has been around for years. I remember when little sister was younger she attempted to make it without water. Didn't quite turn out! Lol


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