April 29, 2013

Watching Toopy and Binoo When They Visited Our Town

My children enjoy watching Toopy and Binoo on TV, and were excited to see them performing at the Sony Centre. We enjoyed the theatrical musical show as Toopy and Binoo tried to look for the perfect song. The songs were catchy and we enjoyed singing along as well.  

We enjoyed the morning as Toopy and Binoo made us laugh and taught us to turn a frown up-side-down :)
Toopy and Binoo listening to a love story read by Mrs. Octopous
Under the water, when Toopy and Binoo met so many sea friends who had wonderful singing voices as well.
Guess who won the race? :) Toopy of course.
It was awesome to see the two friends, Toopy and Binoo as they danced and worked together.

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