April 20, 2013

The blessings of our children's milestones

As a parent, it is amazing to watch our children learn and grow. My family and I like talking about and looking through our family pictures and videos to re-live the memorable moments. I think milestones are truly blessings, as we miraculously learn important things in life such as walking, eating that we tend to take for granted each day.
My daughter wearing her daddy's shoes.
There are many milestones of my children that I want to remember because each one is important to me such as the cute toothless smiles that melt our hearts, and the way their little fingers used to grasp onto our finger tightly.
Touching a sting ray at the zoo.
I remember my children trying to lift up their head on their own, when I put them in their tummy-time. A child learning to balance their head is a big milestone for me because once they learn to balance it is easier to carry them.
Walking and exploring.
It was so cool to capture the moments of my children turning from their tummies to their back and vise versa. I remember them crawling high-speed to every corner of the house curiously exploring. 
It was neat to watch my children holding onto furniture and learning to walk. 
My son cooking for me and his soft toy friends.
The first time my children ate solids while drinking breast milk was a big deal for me. I started off with solid food like bananas and rice cereal. My daughter was able to have rice cereal from boxes, however my son reacted with allergies to the milk that was found in the rice cereal so I gave him grounded rice. It was a big learning experience for me, as I slowly introduced each new food item to them. It is so cute to see the pictures of their facial expressions as we gave them new food items.
My son tobogganing for the first time and learning with the help of his sister.
The days are going by fast my babies are growing up and I am trying to keep up, so it was nice to sit down and think about some of these milestones :) 
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  1. Great review! I love reminicing about the milestones my children have experienced! It goes way to fast!

  2. Aww. What a beautiful post! I have a really poor memory so I really need to get all our photos off the discs/memory cards and onto the walls or in albums!!

  3. Yep,golden memories.loved reading this post,it was really touching.Not to say,even a drop of tear would have left my eye...my baby is growing up fast,she has just started with a few words..the days she started lying flat on her tummy,crawling,her first step.....truly as a mother I know how it feels...

  4. it's so great to look back on all the special times, moms are so tired in that first year it's like we live in a fog. photos bring it all back. We loved touching the sting rays too!

  5. Adorable photos of your kids! I remember my kids' first milestones with happiness too.


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