April 21, 2013

Fun to Read Digital Books for Children

Dr. Seuss's Short Story Collection has eight classic titles all in one digital book app. Each of these stories entertain in classic Seuss style and provides timeless moral lessons for readers young and old. 
Dr. Seuss's Short Story Collection includes:
From Yertle the Turtle: The Big Brag and Gertrude McFuzz 
From The Sneetches: Too Many Daves, The Zax, and What Was I Scared Of?
From I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today! and Other Stories: I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today!, King Looie Katz, and The Glunk that got Thunk
My children like reading the I Can Lick 30 Tigers book that tells three funny stories, which children will enjoy listening to and reading. It tells the story of a boastful young cat that learns the perils of bragging when he over confidently declares he can lick 30 tigers. 
The other story is about King Looie Katz who proudly gloats about his royal tail and insists it be carried around so it doesn't touch the ground. Soon, all cats in the kingdom are carrying around each others tails until one small cat revolts leading to "demo-catic" results. 
The third story is about The Glunk that got Thunk, which tells the story of a small cat's imaginative sister who "thunked a Glunk." She tries to "un-thunk" the Glunk who is causing a ruckus, but it takes teaming up with her brother to get rid of the disruptive creature.
There are three more wonderful, funny Little Critter books that my children enjoy reading.
The story Just Grandpa and Me is a sweet sentimental story about Little Critter and his Grandpa going to buy a new suit. This book reminds my son of the times he goes shopping with his dad.
Just Lost is about Little Critter's adventure at the mall when he gets separated from his mom. This is a story that children will remember each time they go into a busy mall, so they will not be leaving our side.
When I Grow Up is about Little Critter's sister imagining all the wonderful things she'll do when she grows up.
The Berenstain Bears' Really Big Pet Show is about the Bear family taking all their pets Little Lady, Grace, Swish and their new bird, Keats to the Bear Town Festival pet show. The Bear family makes sure their pets look and feel their best for the big day. Dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, bunnies, snakes and even skunks are all entered in the show. Read this cute book to see who gets the prize ribbons from Mayor Honeypot.
These fun to read educational digital books have wonderful stories that allow our children to infer them to their own experiences as well as teach them valuable lessons. These books are helpful for young readers.

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