April 30, 2013

No space is too small for a garden

I like growing herbs in the summer in small spaces and pots, so it doesn't spread all over the garden. I find growing our own vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers is rewarding. It is rewarding to plant our own herbs and vegetables, as we can get local, organic food from our own garden that will makes us happy.
Last year I put lots of top soil, manure, compost from Pefferlaw that benefited our garden and helped produce a good crop of tomatoes, eggplant, okra, bitter melon, chillies, herbs and more. 
Okra plant
Pefferlaw Peat has been producing premium organic lawn and garden soils for over 50 years that is useful in all our gardening needs. Their products are natural, organic and free of artificial additives, clay and by-products. The ten different Pefferlaw products are available at Freshco, Foodland, Sobeys, Home Hardware and other garden centres.
No space is too small for a garden, so grow your own herbs, flowers etc this summer. Starting off with a herb garden will help teach our children how to care for plants. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started growing herbs.
  • Decide where to grow i.e. raised garden beds, containers, pots etc
  • Herbs will need 8 to 10 hours of sunlight.
  • Start from seeds or buy young plants from a nursery or garden centre
  • Get soil that you can trust, which is free from chemicals.
  • And enjoy your plants, by using the fresh herbs when preparing meals.
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  1. I absolutely agree with you...

  2. I am going to try my hand at gardening this year.

  3. I agree completely - you can always find room for a little garden!


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