March 13, 2013

What we enjoyed about The Berenstain Bears Musical

My children and we enjoyed the wonderful story line of The Berenstain Bears show at the Living art Centre.  The lighting, music, conversation and special effects at the show made it lively.  My children said their favourite part was when Papa bear was telling brother and sister bear the bedtime story about not talking to strangers.  
Before the show began, the audience was asked to take a clubhouse oath to not eat in the theatre or take pictures of the performance.  We were able to take pictures outside the theatre with brother and sister bear.  After the show children were provided with juice and a granola bar.

We sat in the balcony of the RBC theatre in the side edge, which made it very uncomfortable to enjoy the hour-long show.  I believe theatre should be visible and fun from all angles.  There is no designated seating so we can sit wherever we want on the levels printed on our tickets.  Many people like us didn't know about this and found it uncomfortable to watch the show from the top-side angle.  Next time when we plan on a show at the RBC theatre we would go inside the theatre a little earlier to secure comfortable seats.  Despite our seating we enjoyed the show.

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  1. Sounds like a great show to see. My kids would have loved this!

  2. My daughters love Bernstein bears


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