January 25, 2013

Madly Madagascar: Love Potions & DVD Giveaway

Madly Madagascar DVD will be available on January 29th.  
Our favourite Madagascar pals are back in an all-new 22 minute adventure during Alex’s favorite holiday, Valentine’s Day.  
They bring lots of hilarious surprises and excitement. Melman plans a big surprise for Gloria, Marty tries to impress a new friend and everyone wants to get their hands on King Julien’s love potion. Children and adults in my home really enjoyed the funny DVD and its bonus features that were all about love.
The DVD also had two bonus features; First Flight was a feature about man and a bird, where the man thought teaching the bird to fly was more important that things that happen in the daily life. The second feature Hammy's Boomerang Adventure was by the characters from Over the Hedge.
We can get our hands on King Julien's love potion by making these recipes with our children. Be warned the potions may make you irresistible, and sometime you need alone time :) just like Marty did in the movie.
Bubbly pink love potion
1 can pink lemonade concentrate
4 cups raspberry sherbet
1 can lemon or lime soda

Mix the lemonade concentrate with water according to instructions in a large pitcher. Blend the sherbet with 4 cups of lemonade mixture then pour about a cup into individual glasses. Fill the glass with the soda and serve. The mixture will bubble to look like a love potion. I have not tested this :)
Love Spell Perfume
Distilled water
Fragrance oils i.e. rose, lavender
Polysorbate 80

Mix the distilled water with the Polysorbate 80 into a spray bottle. Mix the fragrance oil in a separate container then add it to the water mixture. Shake well and spray.
Magic Sand
A glass bottle with a lid
Different coloured sand i.e. red, pink, white

Ask children to layer different coloured sand and put the lid on. This would make a lovely decor.
Love Potion Tea
Black tea
Fresh mint leaves
Fresh rose petals
Lemon leaves

Put all the ingredients in a kettle or pan and boil. Serve with honey, sugar and lemon to taste. I have not tested this :)

If you would like to win this DVD please enter through the rafflecopter below.  This giveaway is open to everyone in US and Canada until February 16th.
To win please make sure you are following my social media networks and commenting on the posts.  Winner will have 24 hours to confirm from the time of contact if they want the DVD and provide postal information.
Update: The winner is Wendy
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    I like Mort and Melman


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    rafflecopter name Tammy Dalley

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