January 10, 2013

Girls will be girls and Boys will be boys with these Kinder Surprise Toys

Kinder® Surprise® limited edition Barbie™ and Hot Wheels™ packages have thrilled both my son and daughter.  They were super excited to see a package of Kinder eggs made especially for each of them.
Cool stamp inside Kinder® Surprise® limited edition Barbie™  

My daughter couldn't be happier that the eggs were wrapped in pink, as she thought it was marked just for her so she can tell it apart from the ones her brother has :)  It is funny how girls get attached to pink and all things Barbie and princess related.  
After seeing this Barbie signature stamp, even I wanted to open up all the eggs that were wrapped in pink just to see the Barbie toys.  I have asked permission from my daughter to use this cool stamp :)
My son was super excited that the Hot Wheels pack of Kinder® Surprise® contains his favourite super cute racing cars.  He has already opened a few but hasn't got what he is hoping for yet!  If I hadn't put the rule about one egg per day ;) I am sure he would have opened all the eggs in one day.

It is funny how girls will be girls and boys will be boys.  From a young age when I watch my children play I see how they have automatically learned to differentiate boys and girls toys.  Even their approach of handling and playing with the toys are different and interesting.
Due to the awaiting surprise and cool toys inside Kinder, I have noticed my children are willing to share the chocolate with us just so they can open as many Kinder chocolates as possible.  I think they love Kinder more for the purpose of having a collection of Kinder toys, which I think will make good memories as they grow up :)

To launch these cool Kinder® Surprise® Barbie™ and Hot Wheels™packs, Kinder® Canada will be giving away 40 prize packs in their Facebook starting on January 10th for 4 weeks.
Simply become a fan of Kinder® Canada and follow the instructions on their Facebook.   

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  1. I love these new eggs just as much as my kids do...hehe! So fun! For both girls and boys :)

  2. Loving these! My daughter adores Barbie and would be thrilled to get one of those eggs.

  3. The toys are so cute, my daughters love both the Hot Wheels and Barbies. And the chocolate of course! :)


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