December 20, 2012

Wearing glasses are a fashion trend: Try it for free @Firmoo

Firmoo is an online optical store that delivers a variety of glasses.  After going through the online selection, I chose this metal semi-rimless glasses in blue as I thought that this pair would suit me.  I am not a fan of how it looks on me because I feel as though the length of the glasses looks a little big.   Although the fashion trends these days is to wear big "nerdy glasses" I am not ready for it :) so I wear mine only at home.  
I wish Firmoo has a wider selection, so I could have picked a pair that has a shorter length than this pair, which is 140mm.  This is my first time ordering glasses online so I was happy that the prescription that I provided was done correctly.  This pair of glasses is lightweight and feels comfortable.  I like the service, quality and having the extra spare parts to fix and change the nose pads of the glasses.
Firmoo has an option for us to upload an image of our face and virtually check to see if it suits us before ordering it, which I should have done :)  I found it easy to navigate the site and order the glasses that arrived quickly.  I was also able to track the location of the glasses when it was en route.
Glasses are not perceived the same way it used to a few years ago, now it is more of a fashion statement as many youth and adults are wearing non-prescription glasses to get a preferred look.
Firmoo is giving us an opportunity to get a free pair of glasses, however we have to pay the shipping fees.  This would be a good gift for family or friends that like sunglasses, goggles or glasses with or without prescription.  They deliver to many countries and also have a refund and exchange policy that allows us to try without a risk.

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