December 2, 2012

Play-doh Buster Digging Riggs Power Crane

Buster power crane from Tonka, Chuck & Friends is a fun toy that children will easily spend hours playing.  My son enjoys playing this Digging Riggs Power Crane with his sister.  
They like building and creating a wide variety of construction type models using the colourful 12 oz play-doh that comes in black, grey, brown and red.  The colours resemble the things that we see in the construction zones.  
This power crane has 10 tools such as the drill bit, roller, moulds, wrecking ball, stamps that fit into the crane.  My children use the tools to make blocks, tolls, mud, polls etc.  They also used the tires on the crane to make prints.
Children can make a variety of models with this toy depending on their age and skills.  This toy includes 2 AA batteries for light and sounds.  This toy is intended for children over 3 years.
Children will be able to show their creative skills and practice their fine motor skills with this toy.  These type of toys help children to identify and relate to things they see in real life such as in the construction zone.
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  1. I saw this toy and was wondering how it kids love construction vehicles...thx for the review!


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