October 11, 2012

Secret of the Wings

We are excited Secret of the Wings is coming on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital release on October 23rd.
This fairy adventure will be enjoyed by the whole family as Tinker Bell and friends go into the never before seen mysterious Winter Woods.  Tinker Bell finds out that she has a sister discovers secrets that will change her life.
Some fun facts and quotes about sisters on the link below.
Download Activities!
Tips for our garden from Tinker Bell's close friend Rosetta a garden fairy, whose talent is to nurture plants and flowers.
* Collect seeds from flowers and keep them safe for next planting year.
* Notice the beautiful vibrant leaves of fall, collect the leaves and petal of flowers and save it between pieces of paper and keep it under heavy books to make flower press, which would be beautiful in crafts and cards.
* Make a compost pile with the help of an adult.

Some Fall Facts
* When Autumn or Fall gets closer the chlorophyll found in plants are no longer needed and is discarded.  The Chlorophyll keeps plants green and when it is not there other colours emerge such as red, orange and yellow leaves.
* When leaves fall and decompose they release minerals back into the earth and provide nutrition to the trees.
* Nuts and seeds that become available during fall will be collected by animals such as squirrels to prepare for hibernating.

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