October 10, 2012

Decorate your own Playhouse

Cascades launches My Pretty Playhouse that is made in Canada with 100% recycled cardboard.  Cascades partners with Habitat for Humanity to build houses for families in need.  For each playhouse sold Cascades will donate $2 to the organization in Canada and US.
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Girls and boys will enjoy this small and affordable playhouse.  The playhouse measures about 37"x29"x54".  It is available at Boutique Cascades, and they deliver for free.  It fits nicely into smaller areas.  It is designed for children over three years.  This safe playhouse is easy to assemble by an adult, as the instructions are clear.  When no longer needed, it can be recycled.  
This creative, customizable playhouse has become a favourite for my children.  They have spent many days decorating every part of this house inside and outside; still planning on adding more.  This entertaining house stimulates children's creativity and is a wonderful activity to do especially as the weather is becoming cold weather.

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  1. I think this is awesome and such a great idea! I really want to get one for my kids now :)


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