July 13, 2012

Wafu: vinaigrette and dressings

Wafu is a Canadian based company that has a variety of Japanese style vinaigrette and dressings.  Wafu products are inspired by authentic Japanese ingredients such as sesame, ginger and wasabi.  
The flavours offer a different taste experience, so I wouldn't say it is for every palate. Those who enjoy Japanese and oriental cuisine will like these products because it has the taste and smell of rice vinegar. This person in our home is my husband :) he could have had half a bottle of the vinaigrette in a day.
The products have no trans fat, colour or artificial flavour.  It is low in cholesterol and saturated fat.  The kosher certified products are a source of Omega 3.  However, because the wasabi Edamame Japanese dressing and roasted sesame dressing has alcohol in it and is not halal I didn't taste it.
The vinaigrettes and the ginger carrot dressing doesn't have alcohol so I tested them in a variety of salads and as a dip.  I plan to use the remaining vinaigrettes following the suggestions that are on the Wafu site.  The vinaigrettes are light tasting, tangy and not spicy. 

Corn and pepper salad
1/2 cup cooked corn
1/4 cup diced red pepper
1 tbsp wasabi edamame vinaigrette

Toss everything together and serve cool.

To make Wafu oriental salad toss romaine lettuce, carrots, cucumber, green onion, cherry tomatoes, chives and chilled vinaigrette.
Vinaigrettes can be used to marinate chicken, shrimp and seafood before we pan fry or grill.
We can serve the dressing as a dip with sushi.

The selection of products can be used to dress, dip and marinate food so we can enjoy a unique Japanese meal within minutes.    
Wafu products are available online and at all these stores in US and Canada.
Stay connected with Wafu on twitter @WafuBrand.
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  1. Great products but I normally make the Jap vinaigrette, well its about the essential of sake, wasabi, daichi stock and soy sauce.

  2. Beautiful salad for lunch or a light dinner.

  3. That looks amazing! I think I'm going to make it this weekend!

  4. This would be a lovely seasonal salad.

  5. these sounds good, love seeing new products


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