March 16, 2012

Toilet seat covers

These toilet seat covers are a really good idea. PottyCover is handy to take on trips when we need to use public washrooms. With young children and a little one that is being potty trained, I find we use public washrooms all the time.

I think all public washrooms should have seat covers as a necessity to eliminate the spread of germs and diseases, unfortunately we don't see all the washrooms with this facility.

PottyCover solves this problem as it covers the sides and front of the seat, so the dangling pants and legs don't touch the seat. Young children usually balance holding the sides of the seat, and this cover protects their hands from dirt and germs.

This disposable toilet seat cover is made with a double layer of soft non-woven fabric, and there is a layer of plastic on the bottom so it doesn't get wet. It is quick to place over the seat and stays on the seat without a hassle, which makes it easy when the little ones need to use the washroom urgently :)

There are 6 potty covers in a pack individually wrapped for ease. It is sold at these stores and online. It can be used by children and adults. PottyCover will definitely come in handy so do check it out.

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  1. Sanitary covers are a great idea for public toilets.

  2. This is a good idea but I would prefer ones that were disposable I could just flush away.

    1. PottyCovers are not flushable because they are waterproof. By the end of this year flushable version will be available, which would have the same dimensions but would be made of a paper material.

  3. Oh my... what an awesome idea! I've been looking for travel toilet seat covers. Thanks so much for sharing!


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