March 7, 2012

March break giveaway from DK books and Face plate craft

Next week is March break :) We get to spend some quality time with our children during the day. It is better to plan the week;) at least some of the days so it will be smooth.

Books like My Art book and Make it today, give inspiring ideas. They have lots of familiar and new crafts and art to do with our children i.e. painting faces, making masks, picture frames and painting stones.

My Art Book published by DK publishing is a fabulous, creative book with glossy step-by-step pictures and instructions that explain and inspire children to watercolour landscapes, pastel portraits, to make mosaics etc... It is a lovely introduction to history and technique of art with young children.
Make it by Jane Bull is a book filled with craft ideas made from recycled material and things we find around our home. It teaches eco-friendly ideas to children as they create personalized artwork and jewelry.

We look forward to put these books to good use during the break.
Here is an idea from Createwithmom to make Face plates
paper plates
construction paper
oil pastel
popsicle sticks optional

Let the children imagine any type of face they want to make. Then tell them to think big :) draw the features of the character i.e. bunny, a person etc... on the construction paper. Then cut the shapes. Older children can cut it by themselves and help the young children to cut.

Let the children stick the features however they imagine on to the paper plates. They might want to put popsicle sticks to create a play. You can improve their literacy and imagination by asking them to tell you a story about the characters they have made.
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  1. Looks like a great book for kids'n crafts. Lot's of pics will make children eager to see what their creations would look like.

  2. I love DK's travel books--I had no idea you had a book published by them. That's awesome!

    1. I wish :) they would publish me
      I got to review these books which are very creative


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