March 8, 2012

Made from Earth

Made from Earth body prodcuts
I am very careful when I choose products for the body. However I didn't have any hesitation with "Made from Earth" products because the ingredients used are natural herbs.

The honey body lotion is rich in vitamins, it increases skin elastin, promotes cell renewal and enables anti-aging. Even my three year old son found it better than his regular cream because he didn't feel like there was any cream on his body after applying it :) We found the faint natural smell more appealing.

The organic olives and olive butter found in the Olive night cream helps elasticity, moisture and smooth fine lines of wrinkle. The pH balanced cream helps combat dryness in the face because of it rich source of antioxidants.

Tea and protein shampoo is fabulous for all types of hair as it removes impurities from the scalp without drying the hair. I felt the difference after the first use; the hair was volumized, fresh and gave a beautiful feeling of fluffiness. There was no smell from the product, which is the biggest bonus.

The peppermint herbal conditioner cleans and purifies hair from root to tip. The hair feels silky, soft and refreshing. It also helps improve elasticity and strengthen the hair. The peppermint relieves stress and has a cooling effect. The conditioner leaves a waxy coating to protect the hair.

The lip balm is also chemical free made from nut extracts, organic and vegetable oil. The blueberry lip balm was a little unusual for me I didn't like the oily feeling and smell.

Made from Earth also carries a variety of soap made with natural ingredients i.e. oatmeal, cloves etc. I like to use the soap as facial exfoliates because it helps acne and problem skin.

I found it is important to avoid contact with the eyes and is better not to leave the soap on the face for a long time because it may dry the skin during the cold weather.

All the products are herbal, feels good to use without fearing the unknown chemical and animal product. The products are all gentler in the skin, won't clog pores, less irritant, unscented, not heavy or greasy and a good product for people with sensitive skin.

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i.e. strawberries help to tone skin, papaya to remove pimples, almond oil for dry skin, apple juice as a toner, avocado to keep skin moist and prevent wrinkle and many more....
Made from Earth body prodcuts 
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