March 24, 2012

Learning French

Language learner French published by DK publishing is all that is needed for a beginner to start learning and talking in French. It has activities, pictures, a wordbook, 200 word dictionary, basic grammar, useful phrases, CD and flashcards.

The table of content is in English and French. The activities are organized by themes and are linked to the CD which helps improve pronunciation. There are also listening activities and games on the CD.

The picture dictionary is colourful and has 26 topics. It is organized by place and similar things. The dictionary encourages to think and converse, which in turn will increase vocabulary.
It has examples of simple questions and sentence answers that relates to each topic. The french words have the translation in english and transliteration underneath each word.

There are 5 sets of 12 cards with vocabulary and pictures. Each section of the book has fun games and puzzles to practice which uses these flashcards and dice.

There is a tip section throughout the book, which explains useful grammar. There are photographed images with speech bubbles that introduces key words and sentences with english translation. This package also has a reference section with useful vocabulary, grammar and phrases.

The learning strategies in this book will be enjoyed by children and adults who are learning the language for the first time or refreshing their French. It is reasonably priced around $20 so do check it out.

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  1. Looks like a nice way to get started speaking French.

  2. Hmm--I like DK's guidebooks, so might have to check this out. The last time I was working on my French I used the Fluenz program.


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