February 16, 2012

Tag a towel

I love this smart creative idea, and I think you will too.

Reusing our bath towels is an important part that we can do everyday to be eco-friendly and we should all think about it. It will reduce our impact on the environment and save water, energy, money and work :)

Although we are all in the same family, sharing towels is not hygienic: as it doesn't keep the germs and infections away. Sarah Burns came up with this cute fabulous idea to tag our towels. It is magnetic and made from super soft terry cloth so it will not rip and tear the towels.

Each member can have his or her own tag. This will teach children and adults responsibility and keeps the washrooms organized. And you won't be getting angry at someone leaving a wet towel for you :)

Tag a towel will be a perfect gift for newlyweds, college students, roommates and for travelling. You definitely have to try it to know how useful and a good idea it is. It is sold online and at Fisher kids.

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