January 23, 2012

Cottonelle roll covers

Cottonelle has come up with a great idea, that respects the toilet roll. Jonathan Adler, an interior designer has designed beautiful covers to keep the rolls in. It comes in Barjello blue, chevron pink and clover green. As you see, the designs are colourful and creative. He has used eye catching designs to fit any bathroom décor.

Cottonelle calls this "respect the roll" to change people's view of the toilet paper and to make people care about the roll the same way they do to their toothbrushes and cotton swabs.

I like this stylish way to store our rolls of toilet paper. It is a wonderful way to keep the toilet paper clean, handy and organized. You can order yours today and keep this decorative roll covers in your home.
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  1. This is an ingenious idea--a waste of money, but ingenious none the less.
    It wasn't a problem to keep the toilet paper in the cabinet until Cottonelle started this campaign against the naked roll, and they are making a lot of money with it.

    1. Thank you for the comments everyone
      We use the most economical and the cleaniest way to wash ourselves which is WATER :)
      We still do keep the toilet paper roll in the washroom. I have usually kept the extra paper roll in a bag under the sink cupboard, so I am surprised this idea wasn't out there and known before. I am sure many of us will follow and even "invent" our own ways to keep the rolls cleaner and handy.

  2. very creative.. i love the colours.

  3. Nice color combo. Happy following you

  4. Actually, this would be great for the car. When we travel, we bring a roll with us (just in case at the gas stations, etc.) but the roll gets squished, torn, and nasty in no time. How helpful!


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