Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Learning Correct Methods of Pruning and Training

pruning and training
Plants require a little more T.L.C. than the removal of dead, diseased and damaged wood to be in good health. Pruning and training a plant correctly helps keep it healthy and eliminate problems such as structural weakness and disease. 

pruning and training
Pruning helps improve the appearance of a plant and enhance ornamental features such as its flowers, foliage and crop. In any stage of a plant's life pruning causes stress, so it should be done with good reason. I like the Pruning and Training guide by Christopher Brickell and David Joyce with detail information, diagrams and pictures on how we can train and maintain ornamental trees, stone fruit, soft-fruit, shrubs, and roses. The book contains information on what, when and how to prune correctly to increase the yield in fruit trees or to train flowers.

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