Friday, August 22, 2014

Washi Tape Bookmark

Making Washi tape bookmark is fun and easy. I like that we can easily remove and reattach the Washi tape to make the bookmarks. Cutting the Washi tape is easier compared to other tapes, so it is fun to cut different patterns. 

A variety of Washi tape is available at Staples.

To make this bookmark we need...
Washi tape
Cut the cardboard to the size of the bookmark you want. Use the ruler and mark the line with a pencil before cutting to make the bookmark straight.
Then use the Washi tape as you wish and paste it on both sides of the cutout cardboard. 
Enjoy the colourful bookmark.
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  1. washi tape is really cool and great for projects

  2. creative and nice looking! So universal!

  3. I love the limitless possibilities when using washi tape. Such great patterns and colours!


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