Monday, June 30, 2014

Travel Friends A Must for Travelling Toddlers

The wilds of Savannah aren’t as harsh as a grumpy toddler awoken from a head-bobbing stroll through the park at naptime. This new Savannah-themed line of Travel Friends gives total support headrests, which allows our toddlers to stay comfy, safe, and preferably asleep whenever and wherever they are travelling.

Travel Friends designed specifically for on-the-go time,  features a range of accessories for use in the car, plane, stroller or any other way we choose to move. The new Savannah Collection of headrests adds a fun and a wild design option to the existing Travel Friends line of headrests.
The headrests are soft as a real pillow, perfect to support our children's delicate head. The cozy plush side provides winter warmth, while the woven fabric side offers a cooler summer-time option. The ingenious magnets connect to provide gentle neck and chin support. These character-themed neck-huggers are designed for children from 20 lbs. to 40 lbs., age one to four.
The BenBat Savannah Collection features four new designs: zebra, giraffe, tiger and leopard. The fresh, fun and functional headrests can be purchased for $29.95.  Visit to find a retailer in your area.

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  1. Oh these are so neat,the kiddies will love them

  2. Very useful and appealing to kids

  3. What a great idea, might have to pick one of these up as a gift! (Judy Cowan)

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