June 28, 2014

School Holidays: Time for Adventure, Imagination and Outdoor Play

The time we have always been waiting for is here; it is summer vacation! We may not know how the unplanned and carefree days of summer will end up, but just like the open road getting there is half the fun. The toys from Toy State that feature lights, sounds and action encourages our children to use their imagination, play outdoors and take these toys where ever they want.
Road Rippers Street Screamers are stylized licensed vehicles with low-profile wheels and hot paint jobs. My son found it fun to hold his Dodge Durango Street Screamer for a longer time to make it go faster. He likes the forward and reverse motorized driving features, lights, music and realistic engine sounds. Children over 3 years will enjoy the Street Screamers. Check out other pictures of Road Rippers on Instagram and Facebook
Hot Wheels Extreme Action is a unique Hot Wheels vehicle with cool, characterized actions. Buttons unlock motorized drive action with ‘jaw chomping,’ ‘spider crawling’ or ‘tail striking’ fun. This toy features exciting light effects, fun sounds and character-themed music and is suitable for children over 3 years. My son likes the sound and how the car crawls. The eyes of this motorized Street Creeper glows.
Both my children immediately enjoyed this Big Rev-Up Dump Truck from CAT. This huge dump truck with oversized wheels and a powerful rev-up driving action does not require batteries and is lots of fun for children. It is push powered, and allows children to be creative and use their imagination when playing. My son decided to put a rope in the front of this truck so he can load it and pull. This CAT dump truck will be a favourite for children over 3 years, since they can do so many things with it. Check out other pictures of Toy State on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
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  1. My youngest son who is 5 is really into playing with trucks and cars right now. He likes to dig in the garden with them. These look like great quality toys.

  2. We live in an apartment & it makes it difficult for outdoor play. however we're moving the 1st of August to a ground floor and we'll be a 10 mins walk from the beach!

  3. I think most kids love those motorized trucks - perfect to keep them outside and entertained :)

  4. noise! Is my granddaughter's middle name! She loves cars & trucks, especially the remotes & noise ones!

  5. My little guys love trunks & anything else they can make noise with


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