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March 30, 2014

Sugarbush #MapleSyrupFest Is Extended

We love going to the Sugarbush Maple Syrup Festival that is held at Bruce's Mills and Kortright almost every year, and appreciate the gifts nature has to offer. Going to the festival is a wonderful family occasion because we can take a walk and get excited about the upcoming warm weather and learn about the process of making maple syrup. This year due to the weather the festival will be extended until April 13th.

April 8, 2012

Maple syrup festival

Sugarbush Maple Syrup Festival from March 3rd to April 9th is a wonderful experience to learn all about the fabulous Maple syrup. It is a fun, educational experience for the whole family. The experience at Kortright is a little different from the one at Bruce's Mills, although both places will teach the same knowledge about the making the syrup. They have wonderful entertainment for the children, free wagon rides, family activities, free sampling etc...

Bruce's Mill conservation area is smaller compared to Kortright, but there are lots of educational signs. Perfect to take young children and to push the stroller etc... Parking is free with the tickets, located off Highway 404. It is a lovely place to have a stroll, learn about maple syrup, look for some birds, take some pictures and have a picnic :) They have horse rides, pancakes, feeding farm animals and food for sale. They had guided tours explaining everything and a very friendly wagon ride in which children were excited to sit in the front and hold the rein.
Fun wagon ride, pony ride, feeding pets
Making of the syrup Pioneer and Current method

We went Kortright last year for the festival. It was a different setting, larger location lots to do as well. There are many adventurous paths to hike and lots of fun entertainment. Take a look at the pictures of our experience at Kortright last year.
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