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August 4, 2012

It's raining fish and spiders

It's Raining Fish and Spiders is a fun, informative exploration of the wonderful world of weather by meteorologist Bill Evans.  The book is good for children over 7 years, although I found it is helpful to answer all the curious questions of younger children.  The collection of facts, stories, experiments and explanations in the book is a good teaching tool for the kids.  

This video will give a good insight to the book. The book covers everything from tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning, kinds of snowflakes and many more. 
I liked reading the weather myths, stories and facts to my kids, and learned a lot of interesting things I didn't know before.  
The book includes some experiments and links to websites that have cool experiments, so we can try at home without expensive equipment. The author has used entertaining funny titles that will make everyone want to read. 
I liked the research, facts, charts, tables, illustrations and photographs (not coloured).  The author has given precautions on what we should do in a situation i.e. when there is an earthquake, tsunami, tornado etc (God forbid). 

Did you know...

  • that no two snowflakes look a like, each one is unique.  Snowflakes are made from pure simple ice crystals.  In cold weather or winter when it rains it is called sleet not hail.  
  • The lowest temperature recorded on the planet was -89.2C in Antarctica.  It gets slightly more rainfall than the Sahara desert.  Despite the snow and ice, Antarctica is the largest desert on Earth.
  • When a tornado passes over a lake or small body of water it can sweep up objects of all shapes and sizes and drop it off some distance away; that is the reason the book was named It's raining fish and spiders.

This educational entertaining book is sold on amazon and bookstores.
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