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February 24, 2013

Submit your entry to the Folgers Jingle Contest and win $25,000

The Folgers jingle, "The Best Part of Wakin' Up is Folgers in Your Cup" as been one of the most memorable and recognizable pieces of advertising.  This song composed by Leslie Pearl debuted in 1984.  Ever since then it has been transformed into country, gospel, jazz, R & B, folk, Celtic, and a cappella versions.   
Folgers is inviting aspiring musicians to share their unique renditions of the Folgers Jingle.
When you create and submit your original take on the Folgers jingle before March 6, 2013 you have a chance of winning $25,000.  Entries will be judged by its creativity and originality, musical performance and adherence to creative assignment.
The submitted video must be between 60 and 90 seconds in length.  It cannot contain background tracks; if instruments are played the person playing it must be there.  There shouldn't be any more than six people in the video.  The Jingle video should not contain children or anyone with a recording, acting, modeling, or other performance-related contract. There shouldn't be any visible logos, trademarks, or brand names other than Folgers®.  Learn more about the official rules of the Folgers Jingle Contest here.

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