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June 3, 2012

Ontario Gas BBQ

ontario gas barbecue
BBQ season is here and most of us will be looking for a barbecue that is affordable and reliable. Ontario gas BBQ located in Concord, Ontario is the biggest BBQ store in Canada. It is close to Vaughan Mills mall.  They have a wide variety of barbecues, smokers and everything related to barbecuing.

I think most of us will be intimidated by the size of this place and think, "well all these barbecues would be pricey," but after I checked it out for myself I know that this isn't true.

I liked the setting and comfort of how the store was arranged; we can look for a barbecue without bumping into other things :)
ontario gas barbecue
There are no special sales at Ontario Gas BBQ as the prices stay the same all throughout the year.  As a consumer, I will not regret missing the sale as I know I will be getting a good deal all year.

I asked the owner of the BBQ store, Duff Dixon, which was the best BBQ he had.  He said, we get what we pay for in terms of features, but the quality of all the BBQs are superb from everything in the low budget to the high end models.
To make our options narrow and ease the task of buying a barbecue, we should let the knowledgeable salesperson know about our budget and the types of features we are looking for. 

The barbecues sold at Ontario Gas BBQ are high quality products mostly made in Canada and USA. These products have a good warranty, which guarantees us that it would work without any trouble. Buying a barbecue in a specialized store like this assures us that we won't have to look for a BBQ every year.

Ontario Gas Barbeque
3310 Langstaff Road 
Concord, Ontario, L4K 4Z8

ontario gas barbecue
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