June 25, 2024

How to Sew Arm Sleeves for Gardening and Driving

arm sleeves
This simple garden sleeves are easy to sew for beginners. You don't really need a pattern, and you can use any type of soft comfortable material you have. It is cheap to make these at home using either leftover material from other projects or upcycle a long sleeve polyester or spandex shirt. This project can be completed within 15 minutes. These sleeves are useful when working in the garden to keep arms from getting sunburnt when we wear short sleeves summer clothing.

These types of sleeves are used by farmers in many countries. These sleeves also prevent arms from getting scraped when doing gardening and harvesting. These types of arm sleeves are useful when driving as well to prevent getting sunburnt.

You will need...
sewing machine
measuring tape

The material length I took for each arm was about 21", you can make it shorter or longer according to your preference and arm length. The width can be the measurement of the top of part of your arm plus a couple of inches for sewing. The arm sleeves I made have a loose fit, but you can make it tighter if you prefer. I didn't cut a pattern, and kept the material as a rectangle. 
arm sleeves
Measure the upper arm with the elastic and the wrist with the elastic. The measurement shouldn't be tight, it should be comfortable. 
arm sleeves
Fold the top part and the wrist area of the material and make a folded stitch to insert the elastic. Use a safety pin to attach the elastic and insert it into the loop. Secure the elastic on both edges with stitches. Fold the material lengthwise and stitch the sides. 
arm sleeves
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