June 4, 2023

Grand Magic and Stratford's New Savour and Sip Trail

stratford savoury and sip trail
Stratford, Ontario is an attractive small town that draws us for its theatre, restaurants, and its peaceful environment. Every time we visit, there is so much to enjoy for everyone in the family from its interesting trails to the culinary scene! 
stratford savoury and sip trail
We had an amazing time exploring Stratford's new Savour & Sip Trail! This fabulous seasonal culinary trail aligns with the Al Fresco dining season. Everyone in our family loved the variety of take-out savoury treats and sweets we got to choose from in this trail, for our fun and unique picnic experience.
This new culinary trail focuses on showcasing 24 local businesses that have carefully chosen savoury and sweet delights for the participants to enjoy. The products on this trail range from house made breads, local preserves, sandwiches, salads and an assortment of desserts and cold beverages that are locally-made and prepared. With so many locations to choose from, plan ahead for a day trip, and pack your must-have picnic supplies and blankets to create the perfect picnic experience.
livery yard coffee
We enjoyed the delicious cold espresso drink the Livery Yard had to offer.

We also stopped at Angela's Gelato to taste the refreshing freshly-squeezed lemonade- a welcome treat to beat the heat! 
stratford savoury and sip trail
The guacamole and salsa with tortilla chips from el Cactus Taco Shop was a perfect snack that was packed with flavour. 

Fellini's warm citrus marinated olives with garlic served with olive bread was irresistible, it had the perfect combination of tang that went well with the olive bread and butter. 
stratford savoury and sip trail
We snacked on savoury popcorn from Poppin Kettle Corn while enjoying the scenery by the river. 

At Kandy Cakes, we got to choose two French Meringue cookies  that were crispy on the outside and slightly chewy on the inside- we chose one topped with chocolate hazelnut filling and another with salted caramel.
stratford savoury and sip trail
The Little Prince Micro-Cinema and Lounge had a colourful selection of house made cotton candy with fruity flavours. 

We also enjoyed a strawberry rhubarb jam from Moss Berry Farm that we selected at Bradshaws- a good stop to bring something home from the trail! 

The Savour & Sip Trail is available for sale until October 31st, 2023. We can choose six stops with each trail purchase out of the 24 participating businesses. The cost for six vouchers is $39.55 (including HST). Savour & Sip Trails are available for purchase at Destination Stratford, 47 Downie Street; and Bradshaws, 129 Ontario Street. Vouchers do not expire and can be used over multiple days until the trail end date of October 31, 2023. We can complement our trail items with compostable cutlery sets that are available for $2 at the Destination Stratford office. 
stratford thai cuisine
Stratford is a great destination for a day-trip with family and friends. There are a lot of culinary options and restaurants to choose from - one of our favourite spots is Stratford Thai Cuisine, which has authentic flavours and a wide variety of choices.
stratford savoury and sip trail grand magic
During our trip we enjoyed a lighthearted show at the new Tom Patterson Theatre. The layout is beautiful and the architecture is admirable! With so many good choices of theatrical plays at the Stratford Festival this season (that runs from April to October) such as King Lear, Much Ado About Nothing, and many more, it would be hard to choose one!

We chose to watch the Grand Magic. This comedy is based in Naples, Italy in the 1950s at a seaside resort. In this show, Otto Marvuglia, an illusionist performs magic for money, when one of his tricks go awry where a male guest falls for his tricks of illusion, while another guest escapes her unhappy reality. It was captivating to watch the costumes, special effects, and the overall thought-provoking story. This play questions time, touches on the importance of trust, and the idea of illusion versus reality. 

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