March 5, 2023

Thoughts on the Anthology Preconceived and Giveaway

Have you ever thought that all your general opinions and view points might not be your own? After reading a few stories in this anthology, Preconceived, I believe that our opinions are not always our own. 

Preconceived is a collection of stories, thoughts, and beliefs of over fifty guests that have been featured on the award-winning podcast, Preconceived hosted by Zale Mednick. 

The podcast brings on different experts weekly that tackles a topic to challenge our preconceptions about it. They talk about a range of topics such as crime, parenthood, history, mental illness, and more. It challenges the preconceptions that shape how we view the world and the paradigms by which we live our lives. 

Our thoughts from a young age may have been influenced by society. Stories like "There's No Such Thing As 'Normal' Skin" challenges our views - reminding us that our perceptions may have been sales tactics of big brand companies in the beauty industry that we've internalized. It is interesting how the author reminds us that "skin is supposed to react to the world around it... it's your body's built in communication center". 

Another interesting story that might resonate with parents is Keeping Children Safe Means Letting Them Take Risks. I agree with the author that it is our responsibility as parents to make sure our children have lots of time to play outdoors, ensure they have access to fun outdoor play spaces, give them the freedom to play while we manage the really serious hazards without being in the way of imaginative play.

The content is separated into different subtopics such as In the Beginning, Worldly Truths, Parenthood, and many more with a few stories under each  topic. The many different short stories written by different people in Preconceived makes us think of everyday topics in a critical way. 

This thought-provoking book can be purchased here. All profits from this book is donated to the charitable organization, Pencils for Kids, Project Kindergarten initiative.
If you want to win a copy of this book signed by the author enter the giveaway using the giveaway tool below before March 31st. This giveaway is open to everyone in Canada. Please leave comments and follow the social media links to enter the giveaway.
Update: The winner is Kam

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  1. It sound like a interesting read

  2. This sounds excellent, would love to share with my neighbour as we are always sharing great reads with one another.

  3. Looks like an interesting read.

  4. I'd love to win this because I've recently been reading a lot of non-fiction at the book club at work and this sounds like the kind of book we'd all like to read!

  5. Recently I've been reading a lot of non-fiction and this sounds like the kind of book the book club at work I'm in would love to read!


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