December 16, 2021

Few Things To Look For When Looking For A Hotel

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When planning a getaway as a couple, choosing the right accommodation is vital. If you decide to choose a hotel, there are a few things to look out for and consider in order to have a good time.

Check for reviews
It is best to avoid hotels with lots of recent bad reviews. Poor customer service or poor room conditions will ruin any chance of good stay. Check to see if the reviews are largely positive.

When looking up the reputation of a hotel, it's also worth considering the star rating so that you know exactly the extent of what you're getting. A 2 star hotel is likely to be fairly basic, while a 4 star hotel may have a few more luxury features. Obviously, the more luxurious, the more expensive. 

See if there is a hot tub
Hot tubs are one of the most popular luxury features that couples look for when planning a romantic break. This could be a public hot tub that any guest can use or a private hot tub in a suite.

Couple Travel The World recommends a few of these hotels if you're looking for a hot tub. It's worth noting that you may have more luck when looking at accommodation beyond hotels such as holiday rentals.

The types of local restaurants
If you plan to dine out, it could be worth looking into some of the restaurants in the area. These should ideally not be too far from the hotel and should have good reviews. Most importantly, make sure that they serve the types of food that you like. 

In some cases, the hotel itself may serve food. This could save you having to leave the hotel. Check to see if you can find an online menu to the hotel's restaurant.

Breakfast and check-out time
It could be worth looking up what time you are expected to have breakfast and check out. Some hotels expect you to have breakfast and check out very early - which could prevent you from being able to enjoy a sleep in. 

Most hotels stop serving breakfast at 10 a.m., however there are some that have restaurants serving breakfast until 12 or even all day. Check-out is usually around 11 a.m., but there are hotels that allow you to check out much later. 

See if the hotel is children friendly
When on a romantic break, you ideally don't want to be surrounded by screaming kids. This could be particularly the case if you’ve got kids yourself and are trying to take a well-earned break from them.

Consider whether the hotel specifically targets families - if it's got lots of amenities for kids such as play areas and multiple family rooms, there will likely be lots of kids there. If you're staying at a resort, you may also be able to reduce the likelihood of being surrounded by children by travelling during the school year and weekdays.

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