Tuesday, June 30, 2020

For the love of animals and Giveaway

animal antics book
We love watching different types of birds come to our garden. Over the years, we invested in adding features to attract birds and other pollinators from bird feeders, pond, water features, bee hotels, bird houses, and more. We find it exciting to observe the birds, and have been reading books such as DK Canada's fully updated 2nd edition Pocket Birds of Canada to identify the types of birds that visit our garden.
american gold finch

This compact easy to use book features 435 species of birds found in Canada. We love that the size of this book doesn't compromise in its quality. The half or full page profile features high-quality, close-up annotated photographs of each bird, showing differences between males and females or juveniles and adults, along with range maps and descriptive text explaining key information to aid in identification. There are details on voice, nesting and feeding habits, and preferred habitats. 
song sparrow pocket book of birds
This book is produced in association with longtime bird enthusiast David M. Bird, Emeritus Professor of Wildlife Biology at McGill University. This book is a perfect field companion for bird enthusiasts of all ages and levels of experience.
There is definitely many things common between us and animals! The Animal Antics book is a fun read for both adults and children. 

animal antics book
It has a stunning collection of photography accompanied with bite-sized fascinating facts that takes a look at the most engaging, informative, humorous and intriguing aspects of animal behaviour including why blue-footed boobies like to dance, why a goose whiffles, or why penguins like to steal food. This book will make the readers laugh out loud. 
cardinal eating sunflower seed
It Can't Be True! Animals! is a book that will be loved by animal lovers of all ages. This entertaining wacky book is packed with hundreds of mind-blowing visual comparisons and astonishing facts. Every page reveals incredible information about the wonderful world of animals. There are facts about a variety of different animals, invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. The content of this book is separated five sections: skills and senses, unbelievable bodies, strength and speed, homes and hideaways, and growing and breeding. We learned about a lot of animals we haven't heard of.
  • Did you know a woodpeckers long tongue wraps protectively inside its skull during pecking and can be extended to catch insects inside the tree?
  • Some birds can sleep during flight by keeping one eye open and half their brain awake. An Alpine swift adopts this method to stay airborne for up to 200 days at a time. 
This awesome book is filled with record-breaking facts, amazing stories, stunning photos and illustrations to show the readers what the numbers mean, comparing the extraordinary with the familiar, which makes it easy to fathom. 
male cardinal in the evening
These books - It Can't Be True! Animals!, Animal Antics, and Pocket Birds of Canada are a few fun books that will not only entertain, but also teach about different animals we share the world with. When we take the time to observe animals, birds, and other things in nature we will definitely be fascinated by how unique and beautiful each of them are. 

it can't be true animals book
If you live in Canada and would like to win a copy of It Can't Be True! Animals! enter the giveaway using the giveaway tool below. This giveaway ends on July 30th. Please leave comments and follow my social media networks to be eligible to win. 

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