December 2, 2019

Holiday Inn at Shaw Festival

holiday inn shaw festival
We loved watching Holiday Inn at Shaw Festival. As director, Kate Hennig notes in a world plagued by anxiety and fear we feel guilty to enjoy simple pleasures like looking at the blue skies, going for an old-fashioned walk, enjoying the holidays. This musical reminds us to take the time to be happy in our pursuit of happiness! 
holiday inn shaw festival
Holiday Inn based on the 1942 movie from Paramount Pictures starring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire, with music by Irving Berlin's. Originally the film was to provide reassurance for a society trying to get a sense of comfort in a world that had suffered loss because of the second world war. The story is about Jim quitting his showbiz and the bright lights of New York City for a quiet Connecticut farmhouse where he meets Linda, a tap-dancing schoolteacher who has not forgotten her stage dreams. Together they turn the profit-losing farmhouse into a spectacular inn, open only on holidays. 

The lighting, the music, songs, dances, the backgrounds reflecting different scenes made this musical fun to watch. The amount of attention to detail in the colourful costumes from that time period, and the performance was amazing. Everything flowed beautifully. 
holiday inn shaw festival
This theatrical show is a perfect start to the holidays, as it bought the audience together with smiles and laughter. Holiday Inn is a good family show, recommended for ages 10+. Enjoy this fun musical with your loved ones - it will be playing until December 22 at the Festival Theatre.

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