December 1, 2019

Win a pass to explore Ontario Science Centre

Ontario Science Centre
We love visiting the Ontario Science Centre, as they create fun learning opportunities with interactive exhibits and IMAX films. Our visits make us more curious and excited to learn. 
Ontario Science Centre
Recently, we watched the film Volcanoes: The Fires of Creation which highlights how powerful, dangerous, and miraculous Volcanoes are. It is a tale of science, culture and thrilling adventure. For billions of years, volcanoes have helped create the world we know with the continents, the air we breathe, and all life on Earth. With over 500 active volcanoes, the Earth is bursting at the seams with forces that create extraordinary ecosystems and wildlife habitats. We totally recommend this family friendly IMAX film which travels across the globe to see the archaeological town of Pompeii, witness the devastating effects of the recent Kilauea eruption in Hawaii, and more. 
Ontario Science Centre
The exhibit, The MindWorks rooted in psychology is open until April 26th. It is a cool, colourful, hands-on exhibit that lets us experience the inner workings of our mind. It helps understand topics such as the mental processes like decision-making, memory and emotions to life, while keeping us in the moment as it is designed to encourage self-reflection through prompting questions: What makes you you? Would you choose pain over boredom? When you dream, are you still you? We like the different activities that lets us explore why you think, feel, and react the way you do, and more. 
Ontario Science Centre
With help from The Maker Bean CafĂ©, Ontario Science Centre has collected thought-provoking questions from their inquisitive visitors and answered them in the book Why Don't Cars Run on Apple Juice? This fun and informative Q and A book for curious minds of all ages is written by Kira Vermond, illustrated by Suharu Ogawa and is scientifically verified.

The book reminds us of the importance of asking questions and that there is no such thing as "a silly question". The book has answers to 50 quizzical queries from biology to geology to astronomy separated into five chapters: planet earth, living things, human bodies, outer space, and big ideas. We love that the questions are answered in a simple to understand way accompanied with colourful illustrations throughout the book. 

This book is for anyone who loves to ask "Why?". It would make a wonderful gift for any occasion. Get your hardcover copy when you visit Ontario Science Centre at The Gorilla Store or online for $19.95.

If you would like to win this book Why Don't Cars Run on Apple Juice? and complimentary general admission pass to Ontario Science Centre (admits up to 5 people) enter the giveaway using the giveaway tool below. This giveaway is open to everyone in Canada who can visit the Ontario Science Centre before July 31, 2020. The giveaway ends on December 15th. 
Update: The winner is Tammy

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