August 3, 2018

Thrilling adventure of the Whirlpool Wet Jet tour

whirlpool wet jet niagara falls
We were extremely thrilled to experience Whirlpool Jet tours at Niagara Falls, Ontario this summer! We first saw how fun it looked during our Niagara Bell Cruise. Glad we waited for our kids to be a little older, so everyone can have a memorable time. It was worth the wait, as we had an awesome thrilling experience.
This unique experience of Wet Jet tours is for everyone ages six and up who are in good health. To enjoy the experience all guests are asked to arrive 45 minute before the scheduled time to sign the waivers. They have free lockers, which we can use to keep our belongings before going to the safety orientation. After the orientation by the tour guide, we are asked to line up and get the gear. Everything we need for the tour such as the life jackets, aquatic shoes if you are wearing flip flops or loose sandals, and ponchos are provided. Ponchos are optional, even with it on we would still get wet, however they do help to block some of the wind on the way back. 

Once a staff member at Whirlpool checks to see if we have our life jackets correctly fastened, we can enter the jet one at a time. No matter where you sit, everyone gets soaked and can enjoy this experience. 

Those less than 100 lbs., or those who might be concerned about their health can sit behind the fifth row. There are a total of eight rows, which comfortably fits about 6 to 7 people in each row, taking up to 54 passengers. 
whirlpool wet jet niagara falls
To start off, we get splashed with a bucket full of water by the crew to get us excited. Although, the jet starts off at a slower pace because of sail boats on either side of the lake, we soon get to go full speed and the excitement over the rapids begin.

We like how the guide explains which rapid levels we are going to encounter, we start off at class one and get to see class six rapids. Class five rapids are the highest, safest rapids we get to experience during this trip on the Whirlpool jet. It was exciting to be in the center of the 360 degree spinning maneuvers the captain did. We are glad we were told to expect it before it was done, so we can get ready and sit in a safe sitting position. We loved the energy of our guide and crew, which made it a memorable experience. 
whirlpool wet jet niagara falls
We were able to see the Whirlpool Aero Cars above us. We remembered our time on the aero cars that gave us a different view of the rapids. 

During the ride, the tour guide explained a little history about the three power generating stations that were on Niagara-on-the-Lake.

The ride back to the docks was smooth and relaxingOnce we got off and returned the life jackets and aquatic shoes, we can use the change rooms. If we choose to, we can take a look at the video they captured of our experience and purchase it. 

The thrill of the water coming in and soaking cannot be explained in words, it is something you have to experience when at Niagara Falls. Take a little glimpse of our adventure on this video.
Next time you are at Niagara Falls between the months of April and October, keep about 2 ½ to 3 hours to enjoy this fun filled family Wet Jet adventure. They operate rain or shine, either on Niagara-on-the-Lake or Niagara Falls from the Canadian side, or from Lewiston, New York. There is ample free parking at the Niagara-on-the-Lake location by the King George III inn we went to for this experience.   
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