June 27, 2018

Learning by reading and doing activities on these STEAM themed books

steam themed activity dk canada
The following DK Canada STEAM themed books have activities that will keep our children engaged and curious all summer long. These books are a fun way for children to acquire knowledge about the different subjects, as well as use this knowledge and ideas to do hands-on activities. 
steam themed activity dk canada
Star Wars Maker Lab has 20 projects that are Star Wars themed. Children will enjoy experiments such as making Jabba's gooey slime, building a launcher, and more using household items. Each experiments has fact filled panels that explain real world science and science fiction relevant to the Star Wars movies.
steam themed activity dk canada
The STEAM team book is a brightly illustrated book for children ages 5 to 7. This book explains topics from the STEAM subjects in a fun and easily understandable way. Children will learn about the universe, solar system, plants, animals, the food web, technology, time and more. It will make them understand things like how robots work, about the food chain, what impacts weather, about our body, and more. 
steam themed activity dk canada
DK find out! Coding has images, quizzes, and information that lets us discover the power of computer programming. It teaches why we use codes, how computers interpret it, the history of coding, and more. This will encourage children to browse and build.
steam themed activity dk canada
How to be good at science, technology, and engineering is a visual approach to STEM subjects, as it explains how things work in a child friendly method. It explains about molecules, magnetism, rockets, hot air balloons rise and more. This book makes complex concepts simple to understand using illustrations and hands on projects. All areas of science such as physics, biology, chemistry, earth science, and space science is covered. This visual guide will be useful for children, as well as youth in higher grades to understand concepts. 

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