May 24, 2018

This Month's Reads - Adventure books for Young Adults and Slowing Down our Lifestyle

Escape by Linwood Barclay
Escape by Linwood Barclay is a kid-friendly juvenile fiction. It is very adventurous and full of drama. It is about a boy named Jeff Conroy and with his high-tech partner “Chipper”, who is a dog running from the sinister organization, “The Institute”, which created Chipper. Jeff Conroy's parents, Edwin and Patricia Conroy had died in a plane crash while trying to reveal the Institutes secrets of creating high-tech children, just as they had done with dogs. Now both Jeff and Chipper are constantly running from the Institute. We recommend this book for all ages.
Gale Force by Owen Laukkanew
Gale Force by Owen Laukkanew is both an adventure and an awesome fiction thriller. We would recommend it for young adults and adults due to the mature language it contains. The story in the book is about McKenna Rhodes, who is the captain of her father’s boat the “Gale Force”. Although, she has her father's death in mind, she longs for adventure at sea, so she gathers old friends to help her salvage a half sinking boat, the “Pacific Lion”. Meanwhile, in the Pacific Lion, Japanese gangsters are trying to find a stolen briefcase full of bearer bonds worth millions. These gangsters are willing to do anything to get it back, even if it is illegal. Read this adventure to find out what happens. 
Bella Figura by Kamin Mohammadi
Bella Figura by Kamin Mohammadi is for adults. It is a self-help, personal growth book, one that I couldn't put down until I finished reading it. I really enjoyed how beautifully the author has described everything around her from the settings, situations, to the people. I felt like I was there. It is neat how she shares the recipes she learns in the end of each chapter. In this novel, Kamin shares how her life and lifestyle changed while she was living in Florence.

In the beginning of the novel, she shares how depressed she was in London, as she was trying to keep up with the latest health fads and still putting on weight, feeling lonely after her relationship broke, and as her job as an editor at a glossy magazine did not work out, and how all the stresses were ruining her physical and mental health. She gets an opportunity to leave the toxic and lonely lifestyle, when she got a redundancy package from work, and an offer of a friend's apartment.

This book really made me think about my own life and pay attention to things around me. The author explains how different her Italian neighbours approached life, which is very different from our fast paced technology driven environment. The importance of taking time to enjoy ourselves, savour what we eat, as well as enjoying local fresh produce of the season, appreciating long walks, discovering nature, and deliberately living in a slower pace.
It is a book that reminds us to become mindful, embrace imperfections to find ourselves and love, and to live generously. I would totally recommend this novel.

Read the book to see what she goes through in her first year in Florence and the changes she makes for a better lifestyle. It is a reminder to slow down, look around, taste, listen, smile more, love ourselves, be graceful to new possibilities, and open ourselves. After reading this novel, I want to read Kamin’s first book the Cypress Tree and her upcoming novels.

I found this How to Stay in Shape While Staying on Budget infographic from the resources section of the Loan and Go website very fitting to the ideas that I read on this book as changing in to a healthy lifestyle does not mean we have to spend our life savings on gym memberships, training equipment, and health food. 
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