January 12, 2018

Quilling Creations: Flora and Fauna

Quilling Creations Flora and Fauna
Quilling Creations: Flora and Fauna by Cecelia Louie includes everything we need to learn on how to quill paper into art! Ever since my first project a few years ago, I have loved doing quilling on a variety of surfaces. We love the paper craft of quilling, and always love both the process of doing this craft and the end results of our projects.

We have also used it to decorate folder covers with washi tape and quilling, and quilled ducks. We have also made beautiful jewellery with quilled roses, and magnets with quilled shapes.
Quilling Creations Flora and Fauna
We find the Quilling Creations: Flora and Fauna an inspiring kit to decorate our home with lovely paper craft, or use quilling to create colourful gifts! The kit includes a rolling tool, ready-to-go paper strips in multiple colours, and a thorough guidebook to get us started. 
Quilling Creations Flora and Fauna
Quilling Creations Flora and Fauna
To kick things off, it features ten elegant projects with step-by-step, photographic, instructions and expert introduction to basic techniques for rolled paper art. Follow the step-by-step images of the instructions from this book to quill mushrooms.

This kit ISBN: 9780760355268 by beckerandmayer! sold for $18.99 US, $24.99 CAN would make a wonderful boxed gift to give anyone who wants to learn the art of quilling.

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