April 26, 2017

Making Netflix Shows a Conversation Topic

As our children approach the phase of tweens and teens I feel we need common topics to connect and talk about with each other. Sometimes when we talk about shows, characters, and situations it opens a place for deep discussion where we can share thoughts and values.
During these conversations, we can discuss our feelings on different topics and issues such as bullying. It makes it easier to approach the topics indirectly and have meaningful conversations without making it personal and upsetting each other. 

According to a Netflix survey, 70% of parents worldwide feel they too need more topics to talk about with their teenagers. The study found entertainment to be a common topic and 89% of Canadian parents and 74% of teens worldwide feel they can talk to their parents about the shows they watch. 

Even at a young age, we found we could bring up conversations with our children after watching shows together. We are looking forward to watching All Hail King Julien: Exiled season 1 coming to Netflix on May 12th.  

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