February 16, 2017

The Role of Hydration in our Day-to-Day Activities and Fitness Routine

drinking water exercising
We have all heard how important water is for our bodies since we were little, but I am sure despite knowing the positive influence of water for our bodily functions, we don't pay as much attention as we should to how much water we in-take.  In our family, we have come to a mutual agreement that water makes us feel better, helps prevent headaches and keeps our mood positive. Since we started monitoring our hydration levels, we've found that water is the best source of hydration throughout the day, and it makes a big difference in our lives.

We have noticed that in some occasions we mistake thirst for hunger. Instead of reaching for snacks that can result in weight gain we find that drinking a bottle of water is all we really need. 

During exercise and fitness activities, as our bodies lose water through sweat, it is an essential time for us to drink a lot of water to feel energized. This is probably the time we drink the most water. Before we even start exercising, we always make sure to keep couple of water bottles handy.

We have been keeping a water bottle within reach at all times, and have started to drink more water now. Keeping our body hydrated has helped prevent lethargic feelings and has helped us feel refreshed and relaxed overall. 

Since water helps with digestion and keeps our organs cleansed, it can in turn help prevent diseases and remove waste from our body. Due to this main reason, we think it is important for all of us to remind ourselves to pay closer attention to hydration and how much water we are drinking throughout the day. 

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