December 11, 2016

Books for Children

Books make a wonderful gift for children and adults. We enjoy reading books that have colourful images with detailed, well researched information. We enjoyed reading a few books from Lonely Planet Kids that are interesting and fun for everyone. 

The Cities book by Lonely Planet Kids takes us on a journey through 86 cities from around the world. This book is illustrated by Livi Gosling and Tom Woolley. We like how the book is presented. It has a world map in the beginning of the book that shows the continents in different colours and there are page numbers within the continents to point out which cities the book highlights. This helps children pinpoint where the cities are located, and learn more about it. The geography of the land combined with its culture and history of its people make each city unique. We enjoyed reading the fun tidbits of each city and talking about it. This book will be enjoyed by everyone. 
How Cities Work, another wonderful Lonely Planet Kids book written by James Gulliver Hancock explores the inside, outside, and the underground systems of cities. 
As we look through and open the flaps of each page there are lots of interesting information that explains the birth of cities, how villages, large and small towns work, city living, how buildings are built, green spaces, and much more. This colourful and detailed book gives a wealth of knowledge. 
Unfolding Journeys: Rocky Mountain Explorer, a Lonely Planet Kids book by Annie Davidson and Stewart Ross is a fun book for children and adults. The book explores the journey with images, facts and details of the beautiful scenery that we can encounter when passing through the Rocky mountains. We enjoyed reading about the sports, different attractions, special places and animals that can be found. 

Below is a list of other fun books that children will enjoy.
Miss. Muffet or What Came After by Marilyn Singer and illustrated by David Litchfield is a story that takes the nursery rhyme Little Miss Muffet and writes a story about Miss. Muffet. It mentions who she was, her family, and more. It is an interesting story written in a poetry format with rhyming sentences.
Art Play by Marian Deuchars is a fun activity book that encourages children to explore their creative skills. This book prompts us to discover drawing, colour, shapes, paint, and more. The creative art play presented in this book is fun to do. 
Young children will enjoy exploring this Touch and Explore Baby Animals book. We like the type of material that are used in the pages. This book can help infants and toddlers develop their sensory skills. We enjoyed relating a page on this book about turtles and their hatchlings back to our trip to the turtle hatchery when we travelled to Sri Lanka.    
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? is a must own book for young children. This classic storybook by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle celebrates 50 years. This book inspires fun activities that help teach children about colours and animals. 
Animals by Numbers is a book with animal infographics by Steve Jenkins. This informative book has facts, figures, comparisons of different animals explained in a colourful and easy to understand way using infographics and illustrations. This book encourages the reader to think and engage in meaningful conversations. 

It is a fabulous book for children to see numeracy units such as graphing, comparison and contrast related to real life situations. This book also encourages a variety of literacy skills such as comprehension and interpretation. The content in this book includes information on the classification of animals, species, size, biomass, speed, life span, physical features and more. We found it interesting to read information such as a million human deaths are caused by a mosquito and 55,000 deaths by dogs compared to 10 deaths by a shark that many people fear the most. 

These books would make a wonderful addition to children's libraries, as they are fun to read and has lots of information.  

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  1. What a great bunch of book!! I just love Brown Bear :)

  2. I remember Brown Bear when I was a kid. I loved it.

  3. I agree, books make a wonderful gift for children of all ages and adults. I really like the wide variety of terrific books that you've featured in this excellent review!

  4. I just love books. How Cities Work looks fascinating.

  5. I do like these books, I'm an avid reader and encourage my grandchildren to read too.

  6. These books are beautifully illustrated!

  7. We are big book people in our house. We read lots of books throughout the day & always at bedtime with the kids. They will even go "read" by themselves at age 3 & 1

  8. This would be really cool for my two boys!

  9. I love the illustrations, adorable! These would be an awesome read for every child! brilliant


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