November 3, 2016

Rubik's Spark an electronic take on the Iconic Cube

The game masters at Rubik's have created an electronic cube with six games for children age 6 to 11. This high-tech game platform uses lights, sounds, and "Bubble Control" Technology to challenge the players. 
The Spark's 3x3 design is basically the only similarity between it and the original, world-famous and iconic Rubik's 3x3 Cube. Players need to tilt, turn, shake, and flip the Spark to complete digital puzzles, games, mazes and challenges. We found that playing with this Rubik is not simple and straightforward, it does require patience and getting used to for the players to challenge themselves.  

The six skill challenging games in this Rubik's Spark are...

Tilt n' Zap
Players get 3 lives and must tilt and spin Rubik's Spark to avoid getting zapped. There is a possibility to move through different levels of difficulty.

Follow the Path
The cube lights up to show the cube solving sequence and challenges to remember and replay it. Players get 3 lives and the cube gives a score at the end of each game.

Seek and Destroy
The players have to move the flashing cube and destroy other cubes as they light up. Players get 3 lives and the cube gives a score at the end of each game.

Snackin' Snake
The flashing cube needs to be moved to gobble up blinking cubes as they appear. As players successfully munch up each blinking cube, a snake appears and its tail grows longer with each successful snack. Players get 3 lives and the cube gives a score at the end of each game.

Light the Cube
In this game the challenge is to light up all three layers of the Rubik's Spark cube by following cues and remembering sequences. Players get 3 lives and in addition to the satisfaction of lighting the entire cube; the cube also gives a score at the end of each game.

Rubik's DJ
This free flowing game makes music as it is tilted and turned. There is no score or rules on this game. 

We wish that we can mute or reduce the volume when playing the game as it is a distraction. It was difficult to understand how to play each game, we wish it was a little simpler to understand how to play the games. Rubik's Spark is available at most mass and specialty retailers in Canada, at a suggested retail of $34.99.

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  1. Wow this is a marvellous product and one some of my grandchildren would really enjoy.

  2. Oh no! I never could figure out the old one!

  3. Cool! I was never very good at the regular rubik's cube...let alone a more challenging

  4. My kids would love this, thank you for the Christmas idea

  5. Well this looks really cool. I never did master the original Rubik's Cube.

  6. That is a cool toy. I never could get the rubiks cube done so I'm not sure about this one.

  7. This looks really cool but the original use to frustrate me

  8. ok this is cool. my husband is a Rubiks cube lover so I am sure this would be a hit! thanks for sharing

  9. Oh wow this looks like a lot of fun, it will probably make me mad though lol, the old one sure did!!

  10. That's a pretty cool one. Inever had the patience to complete the old

  11. Very cool..I could never do the rubix I can't do this one

  12. i think my kids would really love this!

  13. It looks like one of these cubes could keep a child busy for quite a while. It might be useful during long waits or car rides.


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