October 4, 2016

Catalyst Case for the iPad Mini

When making an investment in tech products for the family to use, it is best to ensure that we prevent the device from getting damaged. In the case of tablets such as the iPad, putting a case that allows us to use it carefree gives us a peace of mind. We tested a Catalyst Case on our iPad Mini 4, and found it to have both pros and cons.
The best feature about this case is that it is 100% waterproof, which makes it carefree when we use it close to the pool, at the beach or even when giving the device for young children to use. The waterproof feature in this Catalyst case exceeds military standards for impacts and precisions built for total protection from water getting into the device. 
The grippy rubber bumper that surrounds the outer edges of the case makes it slip free and especially convenient for small hands to hold. The bumper also protects the device from falls, as it absorbs vibrations and shocks. It is drop proof for up to 4 feet or 1.2 meters. This clear back and front case exposes the design of the iPad. However, it does compromise the sleek beauty of the iPad making it feel and look bulky. We found placing the iPad into the case to be a little tricky, and it required us to read the instructions a few times and some patience. 
The top clear integrated touchscreen film cover gives access to all the iPad features such as its TouchID, control center, and swipe notifications. 
There is also easy access to the charging cables and headphone jacks. We like that the Catalyst has paid attention to ensure that we do not lose the best features of the iPad.
The air and watertight acoustic membranes of the Catalyst allows for clear sound transmission allowing video viewing, making FaceTime and Skype calls smooth. The case also includes a separate flat pack foldable stand to make it convenient to prop-up the iPad. This stand allows us to watch movies, videos or to read easily. However, we found this stand to be a little flimsy. Since the stand is not attached to the case, it can easily be misplaced. 
Although, this Catalyst case somewhat compromises the sleekness of the iPad Mini it does provide protection without compromising the performance and features of the iPad Mini 4. This water, dust, drop, and snow proof case would be useful for families and individuals that have young children using the device, or if the device is often used in the kitchen, dusty workshops, during adventures, and close to places with water. 
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  1. This case sounds like it provides great protection for the Ipad without getting in the way of using it. I love that it's waterproof.

  2. Pretty cool case for iPad mini, I do not have one but for owners is a must have accessory!


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