December 17, 2015

Learn to Draw with You Can Draw Simple Techniques for Realistic Drawings

You Can Draw Simple Techniques for Realistic Drawings by Leonardo Pereznieto is a book that teaches drawing techniques of 18 accessible, in-depth projects for those who enjoy art. I like learning from the step-by-step tutorials in this book, as it teaches how to draw different surfaces and texture that look realistic. Some of the drawings include gemstones, metal, flowers, water, and glass.

As the author mentions, knowing the basics and mastering the techniques is important to create our own styles. I like how the author explains how to use the different materials such as pencils, charcoal, colour pencils, oil pastels, markers, erasers, blending tools, sharpening tools, and paper in detail so we understand how these different material impacts the outcome of our drawings. The author shows five different grips of holding the pencil that gives different effects, and adds richness and depth to the drawing. This book allows us to enjoy the process of creating the drawings, and gives visual examples to spark our creativity. 

Going through this book and practicing the techniques brought back memories of my grade nine art class where we learned about these medium and made portraits. I am looking forward to checking out Leonardo Pereznieto's instructional YouTube videos on how to recreate some of his drawings.

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  1. I have always wondered how artists do their shading and creating of dimension in their art.

  2. Do I need special pencils to use follow this book?

    1. You can start with regular pencils but for the different effects using drawing pencils would help

  3. I have always found drawing and art of any kind fascinating. I have never been talented at drawing but would love to learn.

  4. This would be a great resource to become more confidant in art class!!


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