December 7, 2015

Christmas by Lamplight at Black Creek

We had an amazing time at Black Creek Pioneer Village, as we enjoyed the annual Christmas by Lamplight program. This is a fun, memorable, and most importantly a relaxing educational experience that everyone in my family enjoyed. We loved the atmosphere. Going back in time to learn and experience how the pioneers would have enjoyed the festive season is awesome!
We love how the entire village was light with candles and lamps, and dressed in holiday d├ęcor. It is filled with music, food, and activities that both young children and adults can enjoy. 
The doors open for the program at 6 p.m. and we can explore and enjoy till 9:30 p.m. We were there for about 3 hours participating in a variety of activities. We enjoyed doing crafts, listening to songs and stories, and sampling festive food.
We enjoyed walking to the different homes and workshops that were setup for us to learn and experience how the pioneers lived. The tour guides dressed up in pioneer attire know their history well, and I like how knowledgeable they are. We enjoyed tasting traditional pioneer treats like hot chocolate, mulled apple cider, roasted chestnuts, candied orange peels, treacle toffee, peppermint pastilles, and more as we visited the cozy homes in the village. 
Children enjoyed learning about making embossed cards, as well as using beads and making tree ornaments and icicles. 
We learned and saw how the working 1860s printing press operated, dresses the seamstress made for balls and weddings, about the toys and lanterns the tinsmith made.
If you want to leave the hustle and bustle, and enjoy a magical evening at Black Creek Pioneer Village then join, as they celebrate on December 12th and the 19th this year. This is a pre-ticketed event for which you can buy tickets online.
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