December 13, 2015

Baking Tools from Trudeau

I love the new line of baking tools from Trudeau that allows us to recreate classic Parisian treats at home. Having the right tools is important because it makes baking desserts easy and fun.
The raised edges Macaron Mat can be used to make meringue cookies and Whoopie pies by placing the mat over the cookie sheet. Since it is made with European-grade silicone it is non-stick, which makes it easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher. This mat has encouraged me to try to master the art of macarons.
This cake lifter is 8 ½" by 8", which makes it a handy tool to help us facilitate cake layers, as well as move cakes or pizza that are up to 12". The fine edge slides under cakes and cookies easily. I like that there is a sturdy anti-slip grip in this stainless steel lifter.
Making cake pops is lots of fun, but I don't always find that combining the cream with cake crumbs and setting it to dip in the melted chocolate always works for me. I am excited to try the cake pop set from Trudeau that allows me to bake it in the molds and then decorate. My children like cake pops, and I think cake pops make children friendly party treats. This European-grade silicone mold has four different shapes round, heart, flower, and star allowing us to make different cake pops. The clear cover top allows us to see when the cake pops are ready. The set comes with 20 sticks, and a stand to display the finished work.
I like this Decorating Pen that is similar to an injector that allows us to decorate cakes, treats, and finish dessert plates with fine or thick lines. It comes with two tips, and a resting stand so we can keep our counter clean. I like that we can use it similar to a pen with one hand to decorate. The pen comes apart easily for cleaning it by hand or in the dishwasher. We can bring the chocolate or icing to the desired temperature by placing this microwave safe Decorating Pen.
I love making madeleines at home. The shell-like shape, crispy edges, lightly flavoured sponge cakes are delicious. Having one madeline pan can take a long time to make a few madeleines, so I am excited to use this easy release silicone madeline mold to make my go to madeleine recipe
This madeleine pan has an integrated steel structure that allows us to handle it easily and butter, bake, and pop out nine mini cakes that can be served with morning coffee or afternoon tea.
When baking I find having all the ingredients close by is important. These pinch bowls hold ½ cup each, and comes in fuchsia, grey, mint, and coral. I find the flexible bowls makes pouring easy.
This line of baking tools from Trudeau is available in stores that sell kitchen products and tools.

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  1. I love the madeline pan. I have never made them before. They are such a special cookie. My son would love the cake pop kit too!!

  2. I love the cake pop set! My daughter would love it.

  3. The cake pop set from Trudeau that you can bake it in the molds and then decorate is an awesome feature. My grandson loves cake pops!

  4. I love the cake pop set. I will have to look for that.


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