November 12, 2015

Crayola Cling Creator, Thread Wrapper and Color Wonder Mess Free Light-Up Stamper

We love creative products from Crayola because it inspires us! Crayola Cling Creator is an award winning product that lets us create our own colourful cling in a variety of fun shapes that are perfect to decorate windows, mirror, or locker without worrying about cling residue or stains on surfaces.

It is simple to use, all we have to do is pour the liquid cling solution into the mixing pot, drop the pot into the mixing chamber and blend it using the fun mixing mechanism. 
I like that it comes with labeled colour mixing pots that make it easy to know how much solution to pour each time to get the results. First, we have to put the firming  solution up to the A label on the mixing pot.  
Then we have to put the B solution, which is one of the three primary colours or a combination of the primary colours. My children enjoyed experimenting with a combination of colours that they liked. 
After putting the solution into the mixing pot close the container with the lid it comes with, and place it inside the orange mixing chamber and mix it by clicking on the green handle for 60 seconds. My children used the kitchen timer to make sure not to over mix or under mix the solution.
We can pour the solution into one of the five pre-made double-sided molds that comes with the Cling Creator or create our own molds using the clay that comes with the kit, and let the cling solidify. Before the cling solidify we can add glitter or any other material to the cling.
Although, the instructions say that the process takes about 15 minutes we found leaving it a little longer helps. If we touch the cling before it sets properly and dries, the finger print and the spot we touch shows. We can lift the set cling using the red spatula that the kit comes with.
My children love how easy it is to use the Cling Creator to create their custom firm, flexible, colourful clings on their own and stick it to almost any smooth surface. 
Since we can only make 20 clings with the kit, I like that we can get the refills separately that makes about 10 clings. 
There is a specially designed storage nooks for the solution tubes, mixing pots, multi-purpose tool, and molds so we don't have to worry about misplacing anything.
Another product from Crayola that we checked out is the award winning Crayola Thread WrapperWe love adding a colourful twist to our accessories and dressing up old accessories to make it look new. We can use the included thread or upcycle old thread and give our favourite things a custom colour makeover. With this motorized threading machine that spins thread we can wrap anything imaginable like headphones, pen, hairbrushe, sunglasses, that have a 1.15 inch diameter. It needs 3 AA batteries. We can embellish the threaded creations using the included fabric marker by adding designs, patterns, and special notes.
The Thread Wrapper comes with a re-threading attachment for endless wrapping creativity. Use the attachment to transfer thread from any standard spool to one of the two included Crayola bobbins or transfer to one of the other included spools once they run out of thread.
Color Wonder Mess Free Light-Up Stamper uses clear ink. The Mess Free Light-Up Stamper magically knows what colour we are using. Children will like seeing that when they press onto the ink pad the handle lights up the colour they are pressing. It is fun to experiment with the battery powered electronic stamp. When dipped into multiple colours of stamp pads there is a marbled colour effect.
Interchangeable Ocean Stamps has ten sea-themed stampers that let children create their own unique underwater stories and creations. I like that two nooks hold stacks of stamps when they are not in use, so they don't get misplaced. 
This also makes it portable, so children can take it with them on trips. The flexible stamps are soft to the touch, which allows children to easily change the stamps themselves.
The Color Wonder ink in the Light-Up Stamper ink pads doesn't colour on walls, carpets, clothes, or skin so we do not have to worry about cleanup. The magically Mess-Free ink only appears on special Color Wonder paper.

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